Randbright Series Midwest Automation


Standard Features (Dry & Wet)

  • Heavy-duty welded steel frame
  • Rubber coated feed drum with hand-wheel adjusted skew angle and mechanical counter
  • Electronic variable speed feed drum control
  • Head assembly(s) are mounted on dove tail slides with mechanical counter
  • TEFC-rated abrasive belt/wheel motor with large diameter spindle
  • Digital ammeter for each head assembly
  • Large diameter contact drum and idler roller are high speed balanced
  • Pneumatic loaded idler roller with mechanical tracking system
  • Hand-wheel adjusted part diameter and head pressure 
  • Hand-wheel adjusted guide blade supports with standard UHMW inserts
  • 24 volt electric control panel with push button controls
  • 3M #356 flanges, abrasive belts and Scotch-Brite wheels
  • Available in belt head, brush head and/or buff head (dry only) configurations

Dry only

  • Dust collection pickup(s)

Wet only

  • Manual  paper bed filter with clean tank, sludge bin and clean fluid return pump (single head model)
  • Automatic paper bed filter with 10 GPM flow rate and 45 gallon tank (multiple head models)
  • Two (2) flexible coolant nozzles per head
  • Stainless steel catch pan to contain water/coolant


  • Bench top design
  • Mechanical variable speed drive 
  • Spring-loaded head assembly 
  • TEFC head assembly motor with one (1) inch diameter spindle
  • Ammeter for head assembly
  • Hand wheel adjusted part thickness & head pressure
  • Adjustable UHMW guide blades
  • Two (2) dust collection pick-ups
  • Hinged access door for ease of changing abrasive wheel
  • One (1) pair of 3M #356 flanges
  • Maximum part diameter is (1) inch
  • 110 volt, single phase supply power
  • Optional pop-up head and small part diameter guide blade kit
  • Optional small part diameter kit, 0.25 inch diameter (6.35 mm)