SP-800 Deburring Machine

Jonsen SP800 | Mac-Tech


The SP-800 deburring machine is a flexible deburring machine which is mainly for flat plate and milling parts. This machine is equipped with two abrasive barrels on the head, each one spins while the whole head rotates.

The SP-800 deburring machine performs as an edge rounding deburring machine. It can deburr on all edges and get deep into holes while grinding, scraping, cutting and filing.

Deburring is essential to achieve smooth-edged flat metal and pristine milled parts without any residue that could cause the part to malfunction or fail to meet specifications. Top features of the SP-800 deburring machine include:

  • Dry operation
  • Max. working width: 800mm (31.5”)
  • Machine opening: 120mm (4.7”)
  • Metal presicion deburring and edge rounding
  • Capable of processing minor profiled (3D) parts
  • Equipped with planetary abrasive barrel station
  • Equipped with vacuum conveyor bed to hold down small part