T2-Three-Chuck Tube Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Independent Servo Follow-up Support

Both loading and unloading positions are equipped with highly sensitive and independent servo follow-up support to ensure stable tube cutting and enhance cutting precision.

Fully Portable Three Chucks

  • Fully portable three chucks structure for easy short-tailing cutting.
  • Three chucks are designed as two chucks are front and one chuck is rear to achieve more load.
  • C3 chuck is the hollow chuck leading to blanking of complete tube.
  • Standard equipped with 240mm rectangular-circle chucks and the clamping ability of retangular tube is improved.

Intelligent Bus Operating System

  • Various auxiliary functions of tube laser cutting machines to satisfy multiple processing demand
  • T2 series is equipped with professional nesting software to achieve efficient management of production progress and price calculations.

Automatic Loading (Optional)

Optional multi-functional loading support construction, which can satisfy automatic loading of round tubes, rectangular tubes, section steel and other tubes, improve loading speed and achieve efficient loading.