TLS – High Speed Fully Automatic Tube Laser Cutter

Welcome to the forefront of precision cutting technology with the TLS 4+1 Full-Track Heavy Duty Beveling Fiber Laser Cutter. Experience unparalleled efficiency and versatility as this cutting-edge machine redefines the standards of industrial fabrication. Explore a new era of precision engineering – welcome to TLS 4+1.

Max Heavy-Duty Tube Processing Capability:

This machine excels in processing tubes with diameters up to 715mm, accommodating tube lengths of up to 16m. Each tube processed can weigh up to 4000kg, showcasing its robust and high-capacity capabilities.


Innovative 4+1 Chuck Structure:

  • Integration of C3 and C4 chucks for dual support.
  • Enhanced load-bearing with 4-point clamping in the loading section.
  • Improved accuracy through 2-point clamping near the cutting area, ensuring effective precision.

Intelligent Digital Chuck:

  • Achieve full closed-loop control as the chuck seamlessly communicates with the control system.
  • Features include jaw state detection, tube size measurement, and adaptive adjustment of clamping force for enhanced functionality.


Beveling Processing:

Utilize the HSG-LA4 tube cutting head for precise beveling cuts ranging from 0 to 45 degrees.


  • Power: 12000W-20000W
  • Rotating Speed of Chucks: 40m/min
  • X/Y-axis Positioning Accuracy: ±0.1mm/m
  • Tailing Length: 0
  • Dimensions: 38000 x 6500 x 5000
  • Cutting Capacity of Round Tube: 120-715mm
  • Cutting Capacity of Square Tube: 120-500mm
  • Weight of Single Tube: 4000kg