TPSD-Compound Tube Fiber Laser Cutting Machine With Drilling and Tapping

Efficient Production: Cutting + Drilling + Tapping

Integrated laser cutting, hot melt drilling and tapping, for molding at once to reduce processing processes, save labor, greatly shorten processing time and improve production efficiency

SPEED+ – High-speed Tube Cutting Technology

Using SPEED+ high-speed cutting technology improves the cutting efficiency of dense small graphics for high-speed tube cutting.

  • Chuck Rotation Speed: 120 r/min
  • Chuck Linkage Speed: 120 m/min

Intelligent Digital Chuck

The chuck can detect the clamping status and the tube size data to achieve self-adjustment of clamping force.

Beveling Processing

HSG LA4 tube beveling tube cutting head to achieve 0-45° beveling cutting

Multiple Apertures Hot Melting -Drilling-Tapping Technique

Self-equipped with tool database to achieve automatic knife shifting.