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A Relentless Obsession to Serve Our Customer


Here at Mac-Tech, we understand that the only ways to grow business with customers is through new advancements in technology and superior after-sales support.  That's why we believe in a foundation built on three simple principles:


  1. Honesty — Every machine, new or used, is sold with honest and ethical representation.  This is supported by our dedication to being a trusted member of the Machinery Dealers National Association (MDNA).
  2. Support — We believe that family should be the reason to do business, not the cost of doing business.  That's why we support and train our employees constantly, ensuring that they maintain a competetive level of competency in a constantly-changing industry.
  3. Service — We are committed, first and foremost, to serving our customers, which is why we have developed the best service organization in the business, complete with 24-hour guaranteed response if your machine is down.  We understand that our customer base is the life of our business and we strive to maintain long-term, meaningful relationships with each and every one.



Do I need a new press brake?
Maybe.  Maybe not.   The answer isn't always obvious. There are a few things you first need to consider: How much will it cost to fix my current machine? Are the parts I need readily available (or available at all, for older...
What sort of preventative maintenance do I need to do on my machine?
Honestly, it depends on the machine.  But there are a few rules-of-thumb that you can follow that will make a big difference:   1.  Regular Oil Changes The number one cause of problems with most machines is old oil.  Let...