Laser cutting machine technology: our decades of experience

Mac-Tech Sales

In 1988, our president Mike Ryan passed a Mazak laser display booth at a tradeshow. He realized right then and there that Mac-Tech -- which specializes in metal fabrication -- was needed to create a new market. The rest is history: over the next 23 years, our company sold over 400 CO2 metal cutting lasers!

Mac-Tech’s first laser was sold to J.I Case Inc, based in Wisconsin. We sold the first two Laser FMS (Flexible Manufacturing System) cutting and automation machines to Helgeson Industries, also based in Wisconsin. We also sold the first tube laser to Kooima Mfg. in Iowa.

Fiber Lasers vs. CO2 Lasers

As time went on, the availability of fiber lasers and fiber laser cutting machine technology had a dramatic effect on the metal fabrication industry. This is comparable to what happened to turret press sales when CO2 lasers were first introduced; it caused near destruction of the CO2 product line. 

Ermaksan: a leap forward in quality

By 1999, Mitsubishi and Trumpf started catching up to Mac-Tech by providing their own automation solutions. These solutions utilized faster flying optics as compared to Mazak’s slower -- but steady and reliable -- hybrid designs. However, Mac-Tech made a leap forward in 2004 upon visiting Ermaksan, a Turkish company with decades of manufacturing industry experience.

Since then, we’ve completed almost 400 Ermaksan installations. Mac-Tech now has our first tube laser/flat fiber combination machine installed at Roadster Shop in Mundelein, Illinois, as well as our first 10-bin FMS at Lakeside Mfg. in Waukesha, WI. 

The benefits of Ermaksan technology

Ermaksan quality has surpassed Bystronics, Mitsubishi, Amada, Hank Wang, and Durma. Their product line offers numerous benefits including phenomenal engineering quality and low-cost market expenses. Plus, they’re a youthful and family-owned company that is managed by thoughtful, creative, and knowledgeable entrepreneurs.

Ermaksan has also introduced an optional fiber resonator, which has allowed Mac-Tech to expand into new and existing markets with ease. 

Mac-Tech’s full production fiber tube laser

Speaking of expansion: we have also recently released our full production, bundle fed, fiber tube laser, which offers incredible specifications along with increased productivity. It’s powered by Lantek, and with it we have established another winning solution that surpasses Mazak, BLM (Adige), Trumpf, and many others.

Our service doesn’t end at the sale

Our obsession with quality and service doesn’t end there. Our team will support you both before and after the installation. Our factory trained metal fabrication equipment technicians are certified by both Ermaksan and Precitec. By utilizing IPG resonators, Precitec heads and Beckhoff motors, controls and drives, we assure you the very best power generation -- plus industry leading support. 

Mac-Tech laser cutting technology: learn more

Thank you for visiting Mac-Tech and for joining us on our journey in laser technology. We’re looking forward to working with you – contact us and our team will be happy to answer any questions you have about our laser cutting products or after-sale service.