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New Speed Bend Press Brake Video

STOCK ERMAK SPEED-BEND 3760-220 (12.34’ by 242 US Ton), 6-AXIS HYDRAULIC PRESS BRAKE Ermak CNC SpeedBend 3760-220 (12.34’ x 242 Ton) Delem 66 T 2D/3D Graphical Control Delem Profile T Lignt Offline Software 6-Axis (Y1, Y2, X, R, Z1, Z2) Press Brake Synchronization of Y1 + Y2 Axis provide .0004” Tolerances with linear encoders. X , R, Z1, Z2 CNC Back Gauge 31.5” X-Axis Ballscrew Backgauge 9.8” R-Axis o Heidenhain Linear Scales: +/- .0002” Resolution +/- .0004” Repeatability CNC Motorized Crowning, [...]