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Radbend is the market leading solution in offline programming for press brakes. Completely integrated with Radan3D, SolidWorks, and Autodesk Inventor, Radbend provides full 3D simulation of the bending entire process. Utilising either 2D or 3D geometry, Radbend automates the sequence of operations typically done manually at sheet metal manufacturing facilities. Radbend is the answer to typical issues that manufacturers have in their bending applications like full collision checking which ensures costly errors are eliminated prior to production, thus providing a “right first time” manufacturing approach. 

Radbend supports all of the major pressbrake manufactures such as Accurpress, Adira, Amada, Baykal, Byeler, Bystronic, Cincinnati, Durma, Edwards Pearson, Finn-Power, LVD, Pullmax, Safan, Trumpf, Yawei and many more beside.
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  • Automatic Bend Sequencing
  • Automated Tool Selection
  • Tool Setup Optimisation
  • Automatic Finger Stop Positioning
  • Customizable Reports
  • Support for Lifing Aids and Angle Measurement Systems
  • Easily Integrated with Radan3D


Radbend enables full accurate 3D-model simulation of the bending process, including advanced features such as automatic bend sequence calculation, automatic tool selection and automatic finger stop placement, offering simple programming and high productivity.

The ability to program and verify bending operations offline frees up valuable machine time and improves first-off reliability, reducing manufacturing costs. Radbend also eliminates costly mistakes with automatic detection of collisions with both tooling and the machine tool itself.

Radbend is available to provide offline programming and simulation of a wide variety of press brake machinery. Radbend can create full shop floor documentation in print form or a file for viewing on a shop floor viewer and DNC system ensuring access to only controlled data from production office through to shop floor resulting in a ‘right first time’ manufacturing approach.


Radbend features high levels of automation. The system examines the part to be programmed and automatically determines a bending sequence taking into account part geometry and best machinery practice.

In addition, finger stop positions are set automatically to provide reliable positioning.

Radbend’s tooling library can incorporate a tooling manufacturer’s complete inventory, enabling nonstandard tools to be tested and proven on new products before purchase.


Radbend is totally press brake independent. Users are able to program all of their press brakes from one common interface. This offers great flexibility where users can quickly try out several press brakes to ensure the right machine for the job.


Radbend can import data in a range of 2D and 3D formats as well as having specific plug-in interfaces for well known 3D CAD systems.

Autodesk Inventor PLUG-IN

Autodesk Inventor can be fully integrated with Radbend using the plug-in. The Radbend plug- in offers a seamless, accurate and intelligent transfer of data between these two programmes.

Taking your part from Autodesk Inventor into Radbend couldn’t be more straightforward. Once you are satisfied with your design simply click on the Radbend icon and your part and associated information gets transported into Radbend.

SolidWorks PLUG-IN

Utilising the Radbend Plug- in, taking your part from SolidWorks, Standard, Professional or Premium couldn’t be more straight forward. Once you are happy with your design simply click on the Radbend icon and your drawing and associated files are seamlessly transferred into Radbend.


  • Select the most appropriate machine tool and the appropriate tools to bend the part correctly
  • Provide you with consequences of your tool set up - expected radius, press depth etc.
  • Automatically position finger stops against every valid face requiring fingerstops
  • Run a full 3D simulation of the bending process detecting any collisions and potential problems
  • Automatically generate complete shopfloor documentation, including setup sheets


  • Reduce downtime through fast and reliable offline programming
  • Reduce lead times due to improved efficiency
  • Reduce the set up times of machine tool from the availability of manufacturing information
  • Fewer design errors, due to the 3D simulation contained within Radbend
  • Reducing costly manufacturing errors by making use of the collision checking
  • Machine Independent means that you can easily use Radbend on any of your pressbrake machine tools
  • Open up the press brake to a wider audience of employees
  • Accurate automatic unfolding, even with imported models
  • Increased production flexibility
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