Most Common Plasma Cutter Problems

Most Common Plasma Cutter Problems

Most Common Plasma Cutter Problems

Every shop owner knows that time is money. That’s why so many supervisors invest in plasma cutters to increase their productivity. Yet, as beneficial as these devices are, workers can occasionally run into issues. These are some of the most common plasma cutter problems that fabricators should be aware of, along with some pro tips on how to resolve them.

Did Someone Say Consumables?

Believe it or not, metalworking is full of complicated terms that not every Average Joe will understand. For example, consumables are the various parts that make up a plasma cutter. Unfortunately, consumables cause the most issues with plasma cutters. A nozzle is one consumable within a plasma cutter with air passages to help keep the torch cool. The torch will overheat if the passages are blocked, so fabricators ought to ensure the nozzle is clean before operation. Ignoring the blocked air passages will affect the quality of the cut, and potentially anger employers who want to keep a steady workflow.

Another one of the most common plasma cutter problems deals with the cutting tip. The cutting tip has a relatively small hole at the center. The longer workers use the same cutting tip, the larger the center hole will become. When the hole becomes too big, the cuts will be less clean, and there will be a loss in the machine’s ability to cut through thick material. To prevent this from happening, supervisors ought to replace the cutting tip the minute they notice an issue. If your machine is down, Mac-Tech is proud to partner with numerous vendors to help you find the replacement part your machine needs to operate. Contact our parts administrators if you need assistance.

Moisture & Air Don’t Mix

The first thing most fabricators do when operating a plasma cutter is plug in the air hose. Near that plug, staff members will see an air filter within the device. The air filter should be dry because any sort of moisture can come through the torch and fry the consumables. This means shop owners will have to replace the parts sooner than anticipated, and the quality of cuts will be impacted. Bosses may also hold employees accountable for not checking for moisture. No one wants to deal with an angry supervisor, so it’s better to do as much due diligence as possible.

Computer Problems

CNC plasma cutting tables are the equipment of the future, as they allow people to input specifications that guarantee a cut’s accuracy. These programs help supervisors cut down on labor costs and improve productivity, which ultimately increases a shop’s profits. However, efficiency can slow down if there are problems with the computerized system. Any fabricators experiencing computer issues ought to read the owner’s manual and call Mac-Tech for assistance. The team at Mac-Tech will get the equipment up and running again so that revenues stay consistent.

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