Signs Your Metalworking Equipment Needs Servicing

Signs Your Metalworking Equipment Needs Servicing

Signs Your Metalworking Equipment Needs Servicing

Your metalworking equipment consists of press brakes, saws and even lasers. These tools are what help keep all operations flowing throughout your factory floor. It’s essential to make it a habit of curating a checklist to ensure all equipment is working. However, if you aren’t sure what the signs are that your metalworking equipment needs servicing , look at this list of potential warning signs.

The Tools Are Aged

Regardless of whether your tooling show age through rust, dust, shavings, or dull blades, it’s important to inspect them. That way, once the inspection is completed, you can consider what equipment needs servicing or a quick upgrade if your budget allows. Also, if your tooling is aged, the number of times it’s been used can better determine if your machine needs service. If you use the tools regularly, consult a specialist who can properly inspect them every six months.

There Are Strange Noises

Your machines are your livelihood, so you’ll know them better than your fellow workers. If there’s a strange noise coming from them while you’re using them, such as loud creaking or squealing noises, you should get in touch with a specialist. If the problem goes unchecked for a time, you’ll run the risk of accidents occurring, and your products won’t meet current standards, if they’re constructed with malfunctioning tools. Get your machine checked if there are any odd noises.

They Become Difficult To Use

We’re not talking about untrained apprentices who aren’t sure if the machine needs to be plugged in so it can operate. If your machinery isn’t able to crank or struggles because it sticks or is stiff when in use, you need to consult a specialist. If you don’t thoroughly inspect a difficult-to-use machine, you could cause a worker to become injured or the machines could break down. Prevent this from happening by training employees to spot potential problems, even if the device is in proper working order.

There’s a Buildup of Material

Did you notice during your inspection that your machine is rusted? If so, there’s a good chance you need to get it into a specialist who can check for problems. Allowing rust or other material to accumulate will make the machine unusable. Have these issues checked over with a specialist.

When looking over your equipment and experiencing signs that your machine needs servicing, reach out to Mac-Tech, where we’ll service your equipment and even give some detailed inspections and work through our hydraulic press service. Take these signs as an encouragement to reach out to our specialists who can look over every machine.

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